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Well it’s been quite sometime since my last entry. I won’t bluff that I’ve been busy lately but I have been working on three articles and consequently had a lot to write about and am almost done with them. However before I post them (I’m hoping that takes place in a few days), I decided to take a small detour to focus on my website –which lately has become one of my obsessions. To monitor activity on my WebPages, I signed up for a counter that would track where people were coming from, how they landed up there and what they were up to. Two interesting features of this counter were the ‘Came From’ feature and the ‘Keyword Analysis’ feature, which told me how these people landed up here. For instance, if you clicked on the link in this page it would show up on my counter as visitor number ‘xyz’ came to my page by clicking the link on this post. Of late, I found a lot of traffic coming into a page I call ‘Arranged Marriage’. In fact, after 3 months of monitoring, it’s the most popular page on my website. The page consists of a humorous article I once received on my mail and thought it would be fun to post it on my site, since the rest of the site was full of academic and career oriented matter. But what was really interesting were the keywords that were Googled . Here is a list (not nearly comprehensive) of the searches done on google that resulted in people landing up on my ‘Arranged Marriage’ page.


  • arranged marriage in usa – Virginia (USA), Canada,
  • disadvantages of arranged marriages- Virginia (USA), Peterborough (UK), France
  • pros and cons of arranged marriages- Illinois(USA), WinnipegCanada) (
  • arranged marriages advantages – Vancouver (Canada),
  • arranged marriages can be successful – Watford (UK),
  • bad arranged marriage – Wisconsin (USA)
  • beautiful women shapely legs – Ontario (Canada)
  • selecting wife – Alaska (USA)
  • arranged marriage indian men- Texas (USA),
  • arranged marriage tips – India,
  • choice of spouse in arranged marriages by choosing beauty – Cairo (Egypt)
  • arranged marriage green card – Tehran (Iran)
  • indian girl making love in saree – Wisconsin (USA)
  • against arranged marriages – UK
  • indian girl removing saree images – Bangalore (India)
  • indian horniness – Melbourne (Australia)
  • describing girl’s beauty in phrases – Mumbai (India)
  • good looking girls in asu?- Phoenix (USA)
  • arranged marriage sister- Dulles (USA)
  • search for the pictures of salwar kameez, churidar- India
  • draping saree different states- Mumbai (India)
  • salwar removed bed – Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • choosing a prospective spouse indian – Bryantown (USA)


While a few entries bordered on a search for pornographic content, and trust me I ain’t judging nobody here – just amused, and a few for legal guidance, the rest were pretty straight forward (tips, pros and cons etc). It’s interesting to note that there is a whole bunch of people surfing around trying figure out stuff about marriages, life partners and so forth, again no judging – just amused that they landed up on my page. While I loaded this page on my website to act as a source of humor along with another article on women, I had no intention of it being treated as a Bible for mate choosing. But as a wise old man said (don’t ask me which one, there are one too many of those- there should be a rule against them), we can only control our responses to life and not what happens to us, I shall end this article by saying Happy Hunting.