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Trip to Germany 2 – Immigration, Customs and Security

The Immy dude was cool, although having immigration before leaving country does not really make all that sense to me. You know with the whole why-are-you-getting-out-of-my-country line of thought. Anyways, there was some form that needed to be filled, and I had an interesting time with the guy explaining my travels over the years and convincing him that I had indeed decided to join my dad’s business and was coming back. Customs was also fine, except now they want you to ID your frigging checked-in baggage before you proceed. Whatever! Security went smooth, just too darn slow, but with two hours too kill before take off you wont see me complaining.


Trip to Germany 1- Beef with the Sri Lankan Airline Attendant

“We do it for all first time travel to Europe. Sir!!!” was the sound byte from the Sri Lankan Airlines attendant when I questioned their motives for taking copies of our passports. Never mind the crappy grammar, but this irks me to no end for two reasons. Firstly, Sri Lankan or any other Airline for that matter has no business questioning my motives as to why I’m visiting where ever it is that I’m visiting. You’re a fucking Airline- you sell tickets, you check tickets and you fly planes, and maybe you should stay that way. The purpose of my visit concerns only two parties other than my company and my business counterparts. Namely a department called Immigration in every country worth visiting and in my case a building called German Embassy and its their headache. Any quote of curiosity or necessity will make sense if you’d ask these questions when we were buying the tickets, but hey as Michael Moore says “Money buys a lot of love”, doesn’t it? Secondly, and I don’t want to sound like a broken record but, “We do it for all first time travel to Europe. Sir!!!” doesn’t qualify as reason. At least last time I checked they call it a sound-fucking-byte from a broken record. Immigration gets to ask questions, but even they don’t lay no greasy hands on my passport for copies.


The views expressed by the author is not a generalisation of Germany, the people living there, Sri Lankan Airlines, the people of Sri Lanka and definitely not on Chennai and the folks here. What follows is just a documentation of what he went through in the last 10 days of his life (from the date of publication). Personally the author(boy I love referring to myself in the third person narrative) claims to profess a love for the City of Chennai like no other and since the day Boris Becker boomed his way to his first wimbledon title has been an avid supporter and fan of anything German(much a lot of people’s disdain).

Most aspects of this narration will be offensive to most people who have sworn their love to any of the above mentioned “things”. Certain other facets will border on the disgusting and may even gross the reader out. In case of any such event, he advises you to take a break, get some fresh air and if, for whatever reason, is keen can continue reading. The author, blogger and the nerds at google take no responsibility whatsoever for any health risks and hazards caused to the reader, although he is definitely interested in hearing from them.