Now ain’t that cute!

When tt_giant calls you anna – you better move your busted-ass vehicle(hat tip- Miles Logan). So here I am, after a long hiatus staring at the computer looking for some material to write about, and I say to myself, “What about the Israeli onslaught on Lebanon?”

Its kind of stale news so I’ll save you the “bringing you up to base” routine and get down to brass tacks(hat tip – Winston Wolfe). Before you move on please understand this is an analysis and not some kind of morality check. However, I also feel its important to let known my political affiliation up front to save our commenters from playing the motive card. In the four years I spent in the States, other than feeding myself with daily doses of computer science, I decided to educate myself on world affairs and politics. You the know the usual run of the mill whos who in International politics, why he/she was doing whatever he/she was doing, and what kind of effects that was going to take place from a local and global standpoint. As all these mis-educations turn out, I found myself taking stances on a lot of issues that would have otherwise not been detected by my intelectual radar. Anyways, cutting a long story short, I realised I was a liberal for most part with a affinity towards fiscal responsibility (for the politically unintiated that means less taxes and less spending by the government with more accountability).

When in doubt, all you have to do is follow the money (hat tip- Deep Throat). There are various links in the internet breaking down the nitty-gritty details on American funding to Israel and here are a two of them

Christian Science Monitor

Washington Report

In short the US aid every year to Israel hovers around the 2 billion$ mark, and guess who pays for that- your friendly neighborhood American taxpayer. Out of this 2 billion odd hard currency 40%, roughly equating to about 1 billion dollars is military aid. About five years ago when Bush took office for the first time and the American economy, though having a surplus, was heading into recession proposed tax cuts for the upper crust.

So if you look at it though my eyes this is what you will see. Half of the American aid to Israel, funded by the American tax payer, is used by Israel to purchase weapons and weapons technology from privately run American companies who also get large tax cuts. Now that may not be cute honey but its definetly very very clever.


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  1. tt_giant on

    Allright! The man is alive then!

    Although my sympathies are not with you-know-who, you very well know that they are DEFINITELY NOT with you-know-who-else!

    Bush has made it pretty clear that the US would back them no matter what.

    The numbers are pretty shocking. 14,000 dollars per person! Wow!

    On a parallel thought: why is that we get incensed when THEY get help from US which more or less gets used against some of the same (direct or indirect) members who WE are against in the first place?

    Maybe I should have paid more attention to that screaming thaatha on PBS!

  2. ///slash\\\ on

    Yes mr tt_giant – the man is certainly alive although circumstantial evidence points otherwise
    p.s this comment might end up being larger than the post itself.

    it took me sometime to figure out who your sympathies were not with and with whom they were definetly not with – even though there are only 3 parties in the above mentioned with just 2 of them warranting sympathy if any – but such is life

    While the numbers appear shocking, I would say the incense is not coz the US backs “u know who” but because they dont let us do “u know what” to “u know who else”. (This is getting contagious)

    My point being, this is the perfect racket. During the first and the second world wars, thanks to some deft manipulation by both Woodrow Wislon and FDR, the Americans made huge sums of money initially by selling weapons(on loans) to the eventual victors. Plus, they joined the war in the later stages(at least in the 1st one). Now with globalization and the flattening of the world(Thomas Friedman here I come),it makes little sense in allowing developed nations to fight each other as every country’s economy is deeply intertwined with the rest. Add to that, there arent that many dictators around who side with the US – the international market for weapons trade is not exactly bustling. Besides most of the countries that have conficts are too poor to pay for these weapons. So what do they do, they fleece the ones with the money, in this case the American Public. You tax them, use that tax as a front for humanitarian aid and what not, and pump it back to the millitary companies. But the icing is the tax cuts for the very same companies. In essence the only people who can afford these wars is the American public and their govt has no issues fleecing them.

  3. PressMart ePaper on

    Eventual visitors…ru meanin d japanese, germans.
    I tot the US sold their weapons to the UK. UK was then in a dicey situation … being attacked frm d Germans on one side n’ nearing backruptcy after buying all those weapons.
    While you can say 99.94% of Israelis would back the US in every non-Israeli issue unconditionally; the same cannot be said of India where their three main forces the Right, the Centre & the Left always have different approaches to issues.

  4. ///slash\\\ on

    hi *ahem* presmmart epaper *ahem*

    just a few clarifications –
    ” Eventual visitors…ru meanin d japanese, germans.”

    -i hope this innocous question did not have any sarcasm in it –
    either way my comments were
    “eventual victors” and guess there can be no more confusion over it now.

    “While you can say 99.94% of Israelis would back the US in every non-Israeli issue unconditionally; the same cannot be said of India where their three main forces the Right, the Centre & the Left always have different approaches to issues.”

    – While I’m not sure 99.94% is an accurate estimate, more on the lines of about 60-70% would be my guess. Even in this recent attack, from what I have read on the net, there has been some considerable amount of open opposiiton in israel by both opposition parties and the public. My response to tt-giants question is about the indian people- not the political class. The indian political class is probably playing to its base and hence this is what i would see

    1)Secular Socialists, Congress – technically silent on the issue although giving out statements like Us shud take a stance whatever the EFF that means

    2) Relegious right, BJP – just too happy about it but will probably use this to get some mileage against the current government’s inaction towards Pakistan

    3) Communists – with their anti-usa stand, which basically is a blind, pig headed, brainless ad closed stand against capitalism, are making the maximum noise. Not sure if they want us to attack isreal but we shall let it be.

    Like I said earlier, this is not a rant aginst the US support of Israel per se, but a rant(although a cleverly disguised one I hope) at the milking of the American Taxpayer- the middle class pay for the war indirectly and the war-profiteers get tax cuts-

  5. mapmeister on

    It should be quarterly reflections.

    Wat a joke of ceasefire. Anyway the crazy part is that fighting was heaviest before they stopped killing each other.

    I am going to call both sides wat they are…killers…Self defense..BS or religon BS…It is geopolitical chess game and collateral damage is acceptable on all sides…The amru backed killers dropped the whole load of those cluster gundus right before the ceasefire. These things were so old that half of the thousands dropped did not go off and will continue to take lives for years. The Islamic nuts did not stop shooting even though their people were being blown to bits. Wat cold hearted bastards all of them are!!!

    AND i am paying for all this ..Stop talking abt the american taxpayer…If the country wants to rule the world,it atleast has to pay for it. Even though the chinese and japs are “really paying”

    Polambal signing off….

  6. ///slash\\\ on

    Carefully avoiding the gibe regarding my positing frequency and the associated guilt that tags along. Well every side has its own rationalizations-uhh- i mean “carefully thought out reasons” for their continuous madness-uhh- I mean “rational plan of action”. Well you are an American taxpayer aren’t you? – I was avoiding American citizen for exactly the same reasons – anyone and everyone living and working in the US(discounting the illegal aliens) is in someway funding this war. It is not necessary(also impossible) for any government to take a stand on issues where every citizen and taxpayer agrees with that course of action – Such is democracy – the fairest of them all. Like I clarified earlier in the post- this is a carefully orchestrated onslaught which allows the defense companies to get business and tax cuts at the same time while the American “Taxpayer” ends up paying for it with or (mostly) without his knowledge.

  7. opit on

    Nope. You’ve been infected with the NeoCon propaganda worldview – unless you take the rest-of-the-world meaning of ‘liberal’ as wanting less government – though I’m not clear whether you mean just that or only less barging into private affairs. Fairly mainstream.

  8. theghostwhotalks on

    Not really sure what your comment meant. In case you missed it, I’m ranting against whatever the US government is doing not advocating it.

  9. opit on

    Ah, well, satire can be hard to get with limited clues. My thought has been that GWB is another issue of the tyrant model focused on causing bloodshed and destruction on a heretofore unprecedented scale : his memorial, if you will. Carnage should continue indefinitely, but despite the promise on new weaponry, the U.S. should end up broken on the back of overreach by alienating the planet.

  10. theghostwhotalks on

    Well, satire- who me? I don’t think I’m that good a writer to churn out satire. Of course the post does leave some doubt, but I thought the title would have helped in figuring out which side my wind was blowing:-)). I do clarify what I mean in my comments(my rant against communism may not exactly help my case).

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