Whats in a name?

A few days back a friend of mine sent me a message that read “sowie”. We shall leave the person in question out of this narration for reasons I shall not go into. Anyways, it left me wondering what the hell it meant. So I did what any 21st century bachelor living in the emerging India with lots of time on his hands would do- I googled it (at work). The first hit was urbandictionary -at this point I must urge you to read on and reassure you that this recollection has nothing to do with my bachelorhood causing me to demonstrate my coochie-coos in public. As I educated myself with the various connotations and denotations of “sowie”, I noticed in the sidebar of the page, a list of other words that resembled “sowie”. One such word that caught my eye was “sowmya”. Intrigued on what urbandictionary will have in store for “sowmya” I clicked away. Apparently according to urbandictonary, sowmya is

n. Tamil (south Indian) dialect
1. One hundred cats, usually the noising, singing variety.
2. Common proper name for a girl in that region.

Needless to say, the first definition got out of me a chuckle that scared the bejesus out of my colleagues, not to mention a raised eyebrow from my boss. Not contend with a light laugh, I decided to play “Curiosity Killed the Cat” and searched out “my name” . And with great vengeance and furious anger, I denounce urbandictionary for tarnishing, not just me, but all my brothers and sisters who share my plight. And can someone please tell me in which genius language does “my name” stand for

slang for the dirt underneath your testicles??

This is outrageous and I hope this post will have convinced a whole lot of you that there is this widespread hatred of those who share my plight. Join me, dear readers, in fighting this new societal evil.

P.S- To my friends- I have searched all your names and would wipe that grin off my face if I were you.


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  1. cbjose on

    I object, Your Honor….

    I object your right to check my name on ‘such’ places..and I object to your right for having that grin on your face…

    It was really hard for me to hold my laugh, and still corners of my mouth aches ’cause of that..
    But when I read your post script..I knew…the first thing that came to my mind was yor grin when you said about the post..Hmmm…
    o.k…anyway am happy about one thing..that, still you are the winner of the race..I managed only a consolation price…

    God…let me go out and have a laugh…

    P.S: why don’t we plan a secretariate march or something..?na…naa…I mean against urban dictionary…

  2. Deepak on

    LOL!! I was not aware that urban dictionary carried indian names!! Was using it for. ahem. solely another purpose.

    BTW, i think sowie is the most insincere way of saying sorry.

  3. Ani on

    Mine was not half as bad. The way you induced me to go and look at what my name meant with great vengeance and furious curiosity, pathetic enough that I didn’t wait to finish your blog before doing it, is really appreciable.

    I just had to take the bait!!

    By the way, i didn’t know your BOSS could raise “an eyebrow” – and I really appreciate your courage when you went one step forward and looked up your name after that!!

  4. theghostwhotalks on

    Well SIBY:-)) Its not my fault that I went on the lookout for “accessories to crime” – It always makes you appear less conspicuous. Urbandictonary is an equal opportunity offender

    @Deepak –
    Move over brothas- here come the Indians to take over the mantle:-))

    @Ani –
    “Mine was not half as bad. ”
    Well did you search for your full name or your screen name:-)). And excuse me- don’t say nothing about my boss. he can do a lot more:-))

  5. maverick on

    Never heard of this dictionary before. Google should not showing this as their first hit! The sight of someone stifling a laugh when I introduce myself would bother me!!

    I am just being Maverick for now.

  6. theghostwhotalks on

    Well all things considered – ubrandictionary is something like a wikipedia for the deviously inclined:-))

  7. Chakra on

    For obvious purporses, I have used a portion of my last name. Well, meanings 2, 3 and 4 for my name don’t seem bright either.

    Urban Dictionary apparently allows you to create your own defenitions as well. This is what the site has to say right on top : “Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world”

    Well..I guess that explains quite a bit…

  8. theghostwhotalks on

    @Chakra- well maverick has done the same:-))

  9. Paradox Philic on

    I am going to sue you for this emotional trauma :P

    On your suggestion i checked out urbandictionary and this is what it had to say for my name

    1. picture perfect princess; similar to Jasmine from Aladdin, or Bollywood brown-eyed bombshell Aishwarya Rai

    2. a very slow gujju girl that dates buff guys that are three years older than them. Frequently uses the words “huh” and “what” in a conversation because they are too slow to understand

    And i am none of these… good or bad…..


    Get a good lawyer dude … i am soooooooo on to you!!! :D

  10. theghostwhotalks on

    One of the benefits of urabandictonary is you can add your own entry too. A few weeks after I had written my post some blessed soul has added a more flattering description for my name:-))

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