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Now ain’t that cute!

When tt_giant calls you anna – you better move your busted-ass vehicle(hat tip- Miles Logan). So here I am, after a long hiatus staring at the computer looking for some material to write about, and I say to myself, “What about the Israeli onslaught on Lebanon?”

Its kind of stale news so I’ll save you the “bringing you up to base” routine and get down to brass tacks(hat tip – Winston Wolfe). Before you move on please understand this is an analysis and not some kind of morality check. However, I also feel its important to let known my political affiliation up front to save our commenters from playing the motive card. In the four years I spent in the States, other than feeding myself with daily doses of computer science, I decided to educate myself on world affairs and politics. You the know the usual run of the mill whos who in International politics, why he/she was doing whatever he/she was doing, and what kind of effects that was going to take place from a local and global standpoint. As all these mis-educations turn out, I found myself taking stances on a lot of issues that would have otherwise not been detected by my intelectual radar. Anyways, cutting a long story short, I realised I was a liberal for most part with a affinity towards fiscal responsibility (for the politically unintiated that means less taxes and less spending by the government with more accountability).

When in doubt, all you have to do is follow the money (hat tip- Deep Throat). There are various links in the internet breaking down the nitty-gritty details on American funding to Israel and here are a two of them

Christian Science Monitor

Washington Report

In short the US aid every year to Israel hovers around the 2 billion$ mark, and guess who pays for that- your friendly neighborhood American taxpayer. Out of this 2 billion odd hard currency 40%, roughly equating to about 1 billion dollars is military aid. About five years ago when Bush took office for the first time and the American economy, though having a surplus, was heading into recession proposed tax cuts for the upper crust.

So if you look at it though my eyes this is what you will see. Half of the American aid to Israel, funded by the American tax payer, is used by Israel to purchase weapons and weapons technology from privately run American companies who also get large tax cuts. Now that may not be cute honey but its definetly very very clever.


Battle with the ‘Sen’ses

This is an argument that started between Sen and myself when vatsan posted this in his blog. Its open to all, although I have my doubts if any will actually venture. posted

The Liberal Dilemma

Considering the fact that I have been living in this county for the past 3 years and, contrary to popular belief, have gone about my days following the political process, I’m guessing I can reflect a little bit on how the liberals are facing a really unfortunate choice. In both their post-election speeches, Bush and Kerry stressed on the importance of this politically divided country coming together as one nation. Most people feel this is easier said than done and a few claim that the Bush administration has absolutely no inclination of doing anything about it. Welcome to the world of neo-cons or, as I would like to call them, pseudo-cons (Scott McConnell’s Endorsement of Kerry). Let me explain further. This administration in its previous term, having failed to win the popular vote and losing the senate to the Democrats within the first few months after taking office, has pushed all its agendas (well to be fair -policies) with absolutely no regard whatsoever towards consequences to say the least. And this term we have disillusioned leftists claiming that the president does not have a clear mandate. My point being it makes no difference at all. Democrats can console themselves this way by playing chicken soup for the soul, but if they are naïve to think that this administration intends to reach out, they run the risk of extermination. The political landscape may seem barren to the left-leaning realists and rightly so. Were these events unexpected or were they a long time coming- I don’t know and don’t care either way. What I’m trying to say is if this country actually decides to come together behind these pseudo- rightwing, evangelical, power hungry and white supremacists, it’s probably going to find it self on a course to self annihilation ( a few moments after they wipe the floor with the liberals the neo-cons will probably realize that they are in for a head on collision with reality). If they stay divided, it’s going to play into the hands of the evil doers and, let’s not forget, the rest of the first world countries, who I’m guessing have been licking their lips ever since this president decided to attack Iraq. The democrats have to hope against hope that the genuine right wingers initiate a power struggle between the neo-cons (as Pat Buchanan predicted on the McLaughlin Group) to prevent this country from falling into the economic cliff that it so dangerously hangs upon and thus allowing the liberal leftists to unite with the rest of the country.